Why Should Dental care be Included in Health Package

If you think that teeth are not as important as any other part of your body, then you are definitely wrong. They are as important and essential as our limbs and wrists. If you do break a finger of your hand, the insurance company will provide you with all the expense of your medical bills. Now, what happens when you do break a tooth? There are many people who ensure to buy dental insurance for them. This insurance is entirely separate and you will have to pay extra money for buying them.

Dental Care is Necessary for Complete Health Care

The Recent Report

Even though the concept of dental insurance is quite prevalent in America, only a few have bought such insurance for themselves. Recently a report revealed that more than 38 percent of people all over America don’t have dental insurance. The recent development made by the president of the country has made people aware that 15 percent of the population of America does not have complete health coverage. Now, you will hardly hear people demanding for dental care access. Now, to many people this might not be that serious. However, it is a true fact that such a demand is not at all illegitimate. You should understand dental care forms an essential part of the complete health care.

Looking Deeply

Now, if you look into the matter in a different light, then you will be able to understand the matter. For instance, a senior citizen has abscessed tooth problem, then it is very natural that he or she will not be able to eat. This condition will directly affect their health. Studies have time and again proved that there exists a correlation between both the health of gum and heart. This clearly shows that dental problems have a direct connection to other health problems.

Real Incident

An incident happened in Lowa that is still remembered by the locals. In the year 1970, James Speed, one of the most promising basketball players of the University of Lowa had his two tooth extracted by the school care department. Now, later this led to sinus affection in his body along with meningitis which later developed into complete blindness. This is the reason, why James does not consider teeth as a separate entity from his body.

After struggling through the years, James finally won the case and earned a huge compensation. Now, this has left a mark among the people and in the medical malpractice lawsuits. However, till date the country has not considered to change the medical laws and acknowledged teeth as an important part of the whole body. Any dentist for instance a Charleston dentist should provide free dental care to aged citizens of the country.

It is very necessary that every dental clinic provides free dental care to adults and senior citizens and all should benefit from equal health care treatments. People should realize that dental care should also be covered in their complete health care package. Now, always remember that teeth are as important as any other part of our body.

Summary: Dental care should be covered in complete health care package. Teeth are as important as any part of the human body.

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