Tips on How to Cope When You Need a Water Heater Repair

Tips on How to Cope When You Need a Water Heater Repair

Hot water is something that most people take for granted; simply turn on the tap and within a few moments there will be hot water to wash or shower with.  However, even if you service your appliance regularly it is possible that it will break down.  Whenever an important piece of equipment breaks it is inevitable that you will not be able to get hold of a repair firm out of hours; despite the claims of ‘always open’.  Even if you are able to speak to someone you may find that they are unable to attend or that the part required will need to be ordered and may take several days to reach you.  Without hot water on tap you may feel lost and dirty.  This can quickly become frustrating and even depressing.  Fortunately there are a variety of ways to cope without hot water whilst you wait for the water heater repair firm to work their magic.


Once you start looking around you may be surprised at how many places can offer a good shower.  If you are already a member of a gym then there will be good quality showers there which can be used post workout to help you feel clean and refreshed.

Alternatively your workplace may have a shower that can be used, or even your local swimming pool.  The trick is to assess each of these places whilst visiting them in your normal routine.  Then, should your heater ever decide to breakdown, you will know the best place to go for a comfortable, private shower.

It is also possible to visit a friend’s house and use their shower.  However, this option will need to be discussed with your friends and you may wish to minimize your use so as not to upset them or interfere with their own daily routines.

It is also possible to simply wash using hot water from the kettle; although this is more laborious as you may need to boil several kettles to achieve a decent, all over body wash.


Many hot water heaters provide the water for the central heating as well as hot water for the house.  If your hot water heater repair is delayed and it has happened in the colder part of the year it will be necessary to decide the best way of staying warm.  You can choose to add additional layers of clothes, or you can circumnavigate your house looking for any draughts and ensuring they are sealed up.  You may also wish to draw the curtains earlier and prepare hot water bottles or even close off parts of your house until the hot water heater repair has been finished.  You may feel silly but keeping additional layers of clothes on and staying warm will help you to cope with a water heater failure.

It is worth noting that many houses are equipped with immersion heaters which are capable of running on electric or gas.  If you have one like this then you will be able to switch between energy sources and continue having hot water on tap.

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