Tips for Successfully Completing your Basement Renovations

Tips for Successfully Completing your Basement Renovations

Making the decision to spend more money on your existing property is not always easy.  There are times when spending more and improving is not really viable as you are unlikely to ever be able to recoup the money spent.  Of course, there are also times when you feel it is the only place in the world you wish to live and the expense versus likely additional value is not something you are concerned with.

There are many reasons why it makes more sense financially and physically to remain in your current home; if this is what you decide to do then there are several items which must be noted to ensure your basement renovations go according to plan:


This is key to any building project; a dry site is essential especially when you are looking at the bottom floor of your home; any sign of water ingress must be dealt with.  As your basement is below ground it is more likely to suffer from this type of damage.

You will need to locate any leaks and fix them before you continue.  An important part of this should include adding a vapour barrier.  This will prevent any moisture ingress, although you may find it interesting to assess how much moisture is in the floor by pulling the vapour barrier back a little.  If you find the level is excessive you may need to look at it further.


It is possible that you will need to get planning permission before you can start working on your basement renovations.  This is especially likely if you are going to be installing additional electrics or plumbing.  At the very least you will need to be conversant with the current regulations.

A secondary part of this is to look at the construction of your basement.  It is likely that you will be putting up stud walls; these will need to be fastened to the floor and walls although you will need a range of special fastenings and drills.  You should ensure you have all these before you start work.


To be certain that your interior walls will not suffer from damp issues it is a good idea to create a small gap between the outside wall and the interior one.  Although this will reduce the size of the internal rooms slightly it will ensure your basement renovations project still looks as good a few years in the future.

This space can also be very useful for hiding electrical wires and plumbing.  It can also be used as the perfect place to place insulation.  This will help to keep your basement warm and sound proofed; making sure it is the perfect escape space.


It is advisable to consider the heating options before you start your basement renovations.  This is simply because heat rises; a good system in the basement can significantly improve the temperature of the rest of the house and may even reduce your conventional heating bills!

Whatever your motivation is for your basement renovations, it is certain that they can add value to your property and also add valuable and useful additional space.

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