Some Amazing Facts About Most Popular Wedding Flowers

Some Amazing Facts About Most Popular Wedding Flowers

Are you confused picking up the flowers from a wide range for your wedding? Are you wandering in the market to choose best flowers for your special day? Flowers are categorized differently having decent color, odor, characteristics, features, look etc. So, its difficult to choose from multiple varieties available over there? This article will give you the overview of the top popular wedding flowers so that you can choose the best one for the big day. Before approaching the florists, just read this article to get an overview about the facts of the wedding flowers.

  1. Rose : Roses are considered as the symbol of love and beauty. Its history surrounds through multiple myths and unknown tales. Well-known poets and writers used the roses as a metaphor for emotions, passion, beauty, to indicate true, pure, infinite love since ages. Roses are very far from boring. Particularly, because it comes in different colors, varieties etc. Roughly, more than three thousand varieties of roses are available with an affordable amount. There are mainly three types of wedding roses: hybrid tea roses, spray roses and garden roses. And when it comes to sending flowers to a different place. You need the best and reliable services that ensure timely delivery of orders and high-quality products. If you want to send occasional flowers on same day just Visit once and sort out your delivery problem. They deliver flowers within 3 hours of your order placed.
  1. Tulip : This flower is actually a native of Persia, though it’s often associated with Netherlands. Tulips indicate wishing happy years ahead and accumulate love. Tulips can be a meaningful choice for  wedding. It grows in wide range of colors, including white and cream; yellow and peach; and vibrant filaments like red, magenta and purple. The most common tulips are affordable, although rare varieties can be expensive. There are three main varieties commonly available which are Dutch tulips, French tulips and Parrot tulips having significant characteristics.
  1. Calla Lily : Calla lily is also known as arum lily. The origin of this elegant, trumpet-shaped blossom is Africa and it is uttered as a magnificent beauty in the language of flowers. There are two types available : a large-headed variety with long and smooth stem and a miniature version available which is ideal to make a boutonnière. Its creamy ivory color is most popular but it also comes in yellow, orange and dark purple colors.
  1. Lily of the valley : Lily of the valley is sometimes called heaven ladder. Do you know why? because of its structure; with bell- shaped florets dangling from a thin stem. The fresh scent of perfume from its flowers is manifesting. Lily of the valley comes in white and in very rare rosy-pink color. It is available almost the whole year round but is very expensive.
  1. Hydrangeas : Hydrangeas represent “vanity” in the Victorian language of flowers with its intense shades of pink,blue, purple and burgundy. One of the spectacular feature of this flower is, it grows from bubble-gum pink to sky blue color, depending on the acid level of that particular soil so to change in color quality is unique and attentive ability of the flower. You’ll find this flower in white and shade of green, pink, blue and burgundy etc.

Conclusion :

There are multiple flowers available all year round. It depends on the natural factors like weather, soil, season, place etc. that the flower produces in decent color at a different place or in a different season. We have listed the most popular wedding flowers in this post. Also, the post includes some amazing facts about roses like its different aliases and its origin. Tulips indicate happy years ahead. Calla lily is symbolized as magnificent beauty. So there are different flowers with some amazing facts. Choose the best flowers for your wedding! Keep reading!.

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