Legal Requirements of Buying Air Rifles

Airsoft guns are source of fun and entertainment for people. At the same time, they can be dangerous too. They are often manufactured to resemble the weapons used by military forces across the world. Even though, airsoft guns don’t use original bullets, they fire pellets made of plastic which can pierce a human skin or damage eyes. This is the reason why airsoft guns are legally considered as firearms in many countries.

In Canada, airsoft gun is subject to the laws for possession, acquisition and use of firearms.

  • Are you willing to buy airsoft guns?
  • Do you have the proper training to use airsoft guns?
  • Are you aware of the regulations related to airsoft guns in Canada?

If the answer is “NO” you should get yourself acquainted with the regulations and learn how to use these items safely.

If you reside in Canada and intend to buy legal airsoft for sale online from any online army surplus store, make sure you qualify all the eligibility criteria.  Following are the laws to purchase:

Legal Ownership

If you are under 18-year, you cannot own an airgun or airsoft rifle in Canada. For adults (above 18 years), there are two kinds of licenses to legally own an airsoft

  • Possession and Acquisition License
  • Possession Only License

To learn how you can get any of these licenses, contact local RCMP branch

How to Import

If you are a Canadian merchant having firearms import license, you can import airsoft guns into your country. According to Canada Customs & Revenue Agency, airsoft guns are classified as “Replica” firearms. These replicas must be imported according to Firearm Act of Canada. You can also purchase airsoft riles via online army surplus Canada.

Registration and Licensing

Unlike other playing tools, airsoft rifles and guns require proper registration, because they are firearms. Online army surplus store in Canada have RCMP registration checklist for firearms, according to which they register different models under different categories. To register an airsoft gun, you need to have a specific license as well.

Airsoft gun can only be registered, if its owner has a Possession and Acquisition license.Online surplus stores Canada have been very careful not to sell these equipments to anyone without license. People holding other firearm licenses can use airsoft guns under following:

For Adults: Only those with Possession License can use a registered airsoft gun.

For Minors: While users under 18 cannot own an airsoft gun, they can always use a registered gun on these conditions:

  • They must have a minor’s license which they can get after completing a firearm course, known as Canadian Firearm Safety course.
  • They must be above 12-year age


To ensure public safety, army surplus stores in Canada follow these regulations strictly.It is vital that you should meet all the above mentioned criteria before deciding to buy an airsoft gun.Remember; you will be asked to enter your license number. Otherwise, chances are that you will not be able to place your order online.

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