How to remove decorative paper from the walls and the smell of furniture lacquer

How to remove decorative paper from the walls and the smell of furniture lacquer

If you have decided to remove the decorative paper from the wall, you should know that the process of detachment can often to be laborious.So, this means that you decided to renovate your home, maybe even buy some new furniture from Furniture Express. But first you need to remove the paper from the walls.

There are situations where the wallpaper peels offby itselfbut unfortunately these situations are rare. Therefore, most of the detachment procedure will require water and vinegar. You will also need a sprinkler, sponge, and a steam cleaner.

At first, try to peel a small part of the bottom of the wall and try to drag the tip of the paper. Maybe it will peel of easily. Then check whether the lower wallpaper remains glued to the wall. If this happens, stop dragging because the glued wallpaper remnant should be removed with a putty knife. This means that it will require a lot of work.

If the wallpaper cannot be removed, you have to moisten it. It is best to purchase a large nozzle and put hot water in it (about five liters of water and 3 cups of vinegar) and some liquid for dish washing. Spray the wall and wait a few minutes to absorb for the wallpaper to the water. Try to peel it off slowly, and as you peel, spray and the rest of the wall. Also, increase the amount of water if the process becomes hard.

Go slowly – if the wallpaper is too much soaked and you leave it like that, it will definitely crack, which will increase the time of extraction. Also, you do not need to leave the wallpaper soaked for too long because it will dry out and then you will have tore-spray it.

Use a sponge to reach the hard-to-reach places.

If you lacquered or painted some piece of furniture or other object, then you realize that the procedure leaves a strong smell that may be irritating for the throat, eyes, nose. You can even experience dizziness or headache.

The first tip is to do this process with environmentally friendly products that eliminate the harmful effects of their evaporation.

After completion of the procedure take some time outside in a fresh air to lose odor. If you are doing the painting in a room, make sure it has a good ventilation, and if not open a window and leave it like that.

If the smell is still present, the air purifier can help you get rid of the bad smell.

So if the room still smells of varnish or paint put a container with white vinegar, salt, baking soda, charcoal, a few slices of lemon, in a bowl of water. Why? Because they will play the role of absorbing odors. Once you are done, you need to throw that product away.

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