Comparison between Full piece and Two piece Swimwear

Comparison between Full piece and Two piece Swimwear

While designing swimwear styles a designer has to keep several things in mind because if he selects the same style then it would become monotonous for the rest of the year. When you are choosing a swimwear it will either be a two piece or a full piece swimsuit. You may be fascinated to buy a swimwear after seeing your favorite model or popular actress in a poster but it is your decision to choose between the two styles. A full piece swimwear looks almost like a leotard and if you have got a tight body then it would look stunning when you wear it. But the swimsuit that has got two pieces makes it look like a bra set which has got a bra and underwear. They are generally referred to as thongs or G strings. The two piece swimsuits make women look skimpy and almost all the parts of a girl’s anatomy can be seen. Some girls prefer wearing tops that cover the middle section and for the bottoms they choose thongs which look like panties.

Full piece swimwear v/s two piece swimwear

As far as swimwear is considered parents have their own opinion for choosing swimwear for their girls. They would never allow swimsuits for their daughters that would attract the attention of men but at the same time they would not want their daughters to be depressed because of the selection they made. Here are some of the differences between full piece swimwear and one piece swimwear that would help you decide which one can be suitable for you:

  • A full piece swimwear is considered to be modest and can be worn without any fear of attracting the attention of unkind men. Many parents believe that this type of swimwear would be the best for their daughter because of the shape of the body. In addition to this the articles of clothing in this swimsuit fit tight to the body and normally show the silhouette of the body. In a two piece swimwear it is quite natural that most of the body parts will be uncovered. If you are bold enough then you can definitely go for it but if you want to be on the safe side then it would be wise to choose a full piece swimsuit.
  • When you see a two piece swimsuit it can seem to be super sexy in the first glance but those who have a skinny body may not look good in these. Moreover it looks skimpy on girls and parents who are a bit strict may question about its appropriateness. It would generally flaunt the sexuality of their daughter and the pedophiles are always there to keep an eye on girls wearing such swimsuits.
  • Most girls want their swimsuits to be comfortable yet good looking and one piece swimsuits are just that kind. The material is such that it fits on the body quite comfortably. Independent of what the figure of the girl might be the stretchy material has the ability to fit properly in any body. On the other hand a two piece swimwear looks good on those who have a petite body. Otherwise if the girl has small breasts and she is wearing a two piece swimwear and the fitting is not that good then it can be a fashion disaster for her. So it is always good to start off with a full piece swimwear and later when the body is grown up she can wear a two piece swimsuit.

The choice of swimwear for girls can be a debate because both the types have different benefits but for those who are starting off for the first time should choose full piece swimwear as they fit snugly on to the body.

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