Cats are Responsible Emotional Support Animal for Disturbed Persons

Cats are Responsible Emotional Support Animal for Disturbed Persons

The emotional support cat is the pet of the person, which has been prescribed by a treatment program or licensed therapist. The cat is the important part in the person’s treatment program and it provides you more therapeutic benefits. The cat provides comfort and emotional support to the patient with mental impairments and psychiatric disability. The cat is not trained to perform the task for the person, who are emotionally distressed. The emotional support animals are not allowed to access the public accommodation unlike other service animals. The federal Fair Housing Act made a rule that the emotional support animals are reasonable accommodation in the residential unit and no pet rules have to be followed for them. The service cat is the one who has been trained for doing specific tasks. The tasks are related to the person’s disability, if it is also used to offer company to the patients, especially in public places such as public transport, public businesses, government building and the open non profit organizations. Unlike other animals, training a cat to a certain  degree is made even though training them is not an easy one. Teaching them change their activities to provide a healthy bond with the patient is the enough training needed for the cat.

The eligibilities to Certify Cat as Emotional Support Animal

The emotional support cat makes an opportunity for the person to live independently. The requirement is followed to certify the cat as an emotional support animal. There are two elaborated credentials, which are needed for a cat to certify as an emotional support animal. By acquiring an emotional support animal letter for the cat that should be formally registered by the licensed therapist. By using this letter, the conformations are made that the person is having a psychological disability or an emotional person. In registering the cat as an emotional support animal, the letter acts as the legal document. Public management plays a major role, which is the greatest requirement needed from various cat owners. The cat should not be a nuisance to others or even in your home. And the person may avail more than one emotional support animal, but the basic requirement for the accommodation must be same for the multiple animals. The patient needs to provide required documentation that the multiple of support animals alleviated some indication of the disability.

Home Rights for Your Cat

The Fair Housing Amendment Act provide, all the landlords to give rational accommodation for the animal to live with their owners. There are some cases, which are not required to make these emotional service cat accommodations. Those include, if the building owner with four or less units with her or himself residing is not required to provide accommodations. Without the real estate broker, if the landlord’s premises rent, then he is not required to make accommodation for the cat. If the residence is a private club, then the landlord need not to make residence for the service animals. Finally, the accommodation could not be made for the cat when the residence is motel or hotel.


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