Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Agent

Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Agent

There is so much information online, and people sometimes wonder whether they should work with agents or not. An agent has a wealth of information to offer when it comes to buying a house. Kathie Lycett, a Millbrook real estate agent, explains the benefits of working with a real estate agent.

Market Knowledge

Real estate agents have updated information on market data. They are therefore able to advice on listing prices and realistic purchase. When asked, they can provide reports of homes similar to what you’re looking for, for comparison. The reports will help you invest wisely. Your agent will also be able to answer questions like:

  • What price should you expect to pay for the kind of house you are looking for?
  • Are there multiple offers to compete with?
  • What does it take to win against competitors?

With the market knowledge, they will be able to guide on price.

Negotiation skills

Your agent will help in negotiating with:

  • The seller
  • Other professionals like lawyers and home inspection professionals.

Agents can negotiate well because they are skilled and can work without emotions. Negotiating is part of their job, and they are trained on how to do it. In some cases, sellers might reject an offer from a buyer for any reason. An agent can speak with the seller on your behalf and help smooth things. A real estate agent can also help in preventing situations that might kill a deal.

In their course of business, agents have worked with various professionals, and they know who will offer the best services. They will negotiate on your behalf with lawyers and home inspection professionals.

Paperwork involved

There are volumes of paperwork involved in real estate transactions. Think about purchase agreement which can be ten pages or more. There are also disclosures which are additional paper works.

Drafting an offer cannot be done by anyone because each line in the offer is important. Omitting or misinterpreting a line could cost you a lot or land you in jail. Crafting a perfect offer requires expertise. Agents are professionals and are taught how to write offers that will be accepted.

Access to homes

An agent will make it easy for you to access a home. Sellers are not willing to let unlicensed strangers to their homes. They are happy and ready to let an agent have total access to their home. This will limit you to visiting properties only when the seller’s agent or the seller is available.

For this reason, most people who work without agents can only view homes for sale during open houses. During open houses, anyone can tour the house without making an appointment. The competitors will be many since you will not be the first one to see the house.

When you are with your agent, you will have unlimited access to the house anytime you want. You will also have someone who is looking after your best interests.


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