Aprilla SR 150 Review – Your Dream Scooter to Take a Long Ride

Aprilla SR 150 Review – Your Dream Scooter to Take a Long Ride

Scooters took a backseat to Bikes over the last decade when people went for design and power over durability. However, for the last few years, people are again looking towards scooters for daily purposes since the arrival of the gearless scooters in the country. Easy and fun to ride, these gearless scooters have created excitement among the people, especially youth. One such scooter is Piaggio Aprilla SR 150. Read our in-depth Aprilla SR 150 Review to find out more about it.

Design and Style

The Aprilla SR150 is designed brilliantly to make sure that it steals your attention almost instantly you put your eyes upon it. Combined with red and black graphics, the twin headlights at the front end provide a sporty look to the scooter. Also another short but high tail light is added on the rear side with a red and black seat in between. The scooter is further completed with 14-inch wheels and 32mm telescopic forks upfront. For safety measures, Aprilla sports a steel frame. The only drawback we could find about the scooter is that it would be a challenge for shorter riders to comfortably ride the bike due to tall seating.

Engine and Gearbox

The Aprilla SR150 draws its power from an air-cooled 154.8cc single cylinder engine. This engine is capable enough to generate a maximum power of 10.4Bhp at 6750 rpm besides a max torque of 11.4Nm at 5000 rom. Once you go further up the rev range, you will feel the SR150 to be extremely light to ride upon and accelerates very quickly. You can easily go beyond the 70kmph mark effortlessly in comparison to most other mid-range scooters who would simply just run out of steam. You can reach beyond the 100kmph mark on the Aprilla SR150 which can be done by few other scooters only business Car Leasing.

Ride and Handling

The Aprilla SR150 is equipped with 14-inch wheels and very grippy tires which makes quick turns very easy on the scooter if you are a good handler. The suspension setup might feel a tad stiff to you but it would be very useful to support cornering besides providing you with a good ground clearance.

Brakes and Suspension

The SR150 is equipped with a nice 220mm front disc brake and the usual 140mm rear drum brake. This same combination is also used by a number of other manufacturers and is one of the best in the mid-range scooters. The suspension across the front end is managed by the 32mm telescopic forks and by hydraulic shock absorbers on the rear side.

Instrument Console

As mentioned above in our Aprilla SR 150 Review, the scooter is provided with a sporty design which is well complemented by the designs of the clocks on the front end. The console boasts of a white background in a carbon fiber look and is combined with a twin pod design. The console is fitted with an analog odometer, speedometer and fuel gauge.

Comfort and Convenience

The Aprilla SR150 provides you with ample of room under your seat. You also get an USB connection provision which allows you to charge your smartphones on the go. A bag hook is also attached to the SR150 which saves you from the trouble of having to carry your bag on your shoulders.

The Final Say

The Aprilla SR150 is available in India in two shades – White and Black with touches of Red to enhance the design. This gearless scooter is able to deliver high performance even under extreme conditions and allows you to enjoy your fun-filled rides with good control over the scooter. We hope that we have helped you in your decision to buy the scooter with our detailed Aprilla SR 150 Review.

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