Amazing Shopping Places in Istanbul

Amazing Shopping Places in Istanbul

Are you looking for a place where you will shop till you drop? Istanbul, Turkey is the right destination for you. The city is well renowned globally for its array of shopping options ranging from master piece architectural designed malls, gift shops, high-end designer shops to the noble cultural souvenir shops scattered all over this town considered as a concrete jungle due to its enormous developments with dozens of skyscrapers.

Shopping Malls

The city has one mega mall known as the Istanbul Forum shopping mall which is famous for housing various stores all under one roof. The mall serves tourist visiting the region by having various international designer stores such as Mark & Spencer, Zara just but to mention a few. The mall is also a tourist attraction site where as one is shopping one can enjoy the view of the mea aquarium housed in the mall which apparently the only mall that has on in the country as well an ice museum. Istanbul has something for everyone and for the high-end fashion lovers then all roads should lead towards Nisantasi. This stylish suburb is the heart of big fashion houses such as Gucci, Hugo Boss etc that offer top shelf fashion products covering all fashion aspects of a client. The area as well has various upscale where shoppers would make a stop after a long day of shopping. Inspired by Galleria Houston, Texas, Istanbul as well has one of its own. Have an exquisite tinge of sophistication in its design it received international recognition in 1990 when it was chosen as one of the outstanding malls globally. It houses various world-class shopping stores and its close proximity to the airport makes it an ideal destination to make an emergency purchase

Gift Shop

Looking for a unique gift be it jewelry, ceramics, textiles or carpets? The Tuncer gift shop is certainly to shop. Having one major belief that customers are special they have various show rooms which house their products which are exclusively found in those gift shops. Metro city is also a must stop for shoppers. Its direct connection with the metro line makes it easy to access and its Teflon fiberglass roof brightens the shopping center which kicks to life the shopping spirit of shoppers.


For shoes one should make a stopover at Fanfinfon located along Cukurcuma street where Istanbul’s cobblers best display their skills in making very stylish and elegant shoes in accordance to the client’s specifications ranging from cowboy boots, gold ankle boots, snakeskin Mary Jane and a whole variety to choose from.

Turkish Designs

If you looking for trendy and hot Turkish design the n the Serdar-I Ekrem building is the place to go. It hosts the best Turkish designers in town. Cihangir as well provides a charming variety of occasion dresses, hand-sketched handbag designs and T-shirts.

Istanbul is city has a wide range to choose from merging both the high end products for those with deep pockets as well as the cheap goods that are equally of good quality. Whatever it is you name it and Istanbul has it. This city is surely a shopper’s paradise having everything under its roof.

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