7 Wedding Favor Ideas That Will Surely Delight Your Guests

7 Wedding Favor Ideas That Will Surely Delight Your Guests

Handing out the wedding favors or bonbonnieres to your guests is one of the essential features of a wedding. It’s one way of showing your gratitude to them that they’re able to come to this special day of your life.

Since there’s the expression of gratitude couched in your bonbonniere, it’s important that you put importance on what you should give to your guests. You should give them something unique and one that they will remember in their lifetime. Don’t just give your guests things that will only end up collecting dust in their homes.

For a little help, here’s a list of awesome wedding favors that you can give to your guests at your wedding. So take a read!

Himalayan Pink Salt in a Jar

If you want a unique flavor to your wedding favors, you can opt for a Himalayan pink salt in a jar as a gift to your wedding guests.

Not only that it’s a cute bonbonniere, but a Himalayan pink salt also has a lot of health benefits than the common white table salt which makes it an ideal thing to say thanks to your guests. Then you can include a list of recipes that are ideal to flavor with the Himalayan pink salt.

Seed Bombs

These round, tiny wedding favors can provide a huge smile to your environment-conscious wedding guests.

Seed bombs contain a mixture of compost, clay, and seeds that you can throw into the ground to spruce up plants and vegetation in your outdoor. This wedding favor has become a trend because of its simplicity and environmental benefits.

A Jar of Locally-Produced Honey

Honey is almost always the hot thing when it comes to bonbonniere. But for you to make this favorite wedding favor into something special, you should make sure that you let your guests a taste of your local honey.

For sure, there are honey farms in your place that will offer this delicious local bounty for your wedding guests. You can gift a jar of honey that comes with a box of locally produced fresh fruits to make your expression of sweet gratitude extra special.

A Bottle of Homemade Limoncello

Drinks never go out of style as wedding favors. Now, If you want to provide your guests a great taste of homemade liquor, you can opt for a bottle of limoncello for that purpose.

Limoncello is a lemon-flavored liquor first concocted by Italians. The good thing about this liquor is that you can make it in the comfort of your home. For sure, a bottle of limoncello is one wedding favor that will make your guests remember your special day every time they take a shot.

A Hand-Painted Artwork

Artworks are special. Every time you see an artwork, it calls forth wonderful emotions within you that few objects rarely do. That’s why if you want a wedding favor that will make the person to whom you’ll give it feel something special about himself, give him an artwork.

You can get some help from your artist-friend for your artistic wedding favor. Or, if you are gifted with a stroke of artistry in you, you can make the piece of art yourself.

Photo Magnets

Since your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, you should make sure that this major event is well-documented. It’s essential that there’s a wedding photographer that will capture the fun, romantic, picture-worthy moments of your special day.

The photos of your wedding will serve as a remembrance to you and your guests, and you can also make these photos as a wedding favor to them. But to make it unique, you can frame those precious moments in a photo magnet. You can hire event photographers at Magnet Me to capture picture-perfect moments of your wedding.

Customize Coffee Bags

A coffee bag is a wedding favor that will surely delight your coffee-lover guests! Coffee bags are an ideal bonbonniere to give to the participants of your wedding. You can make it unique, creative, and extra-special by putting references to your wedding on the tag. For sure, your guests will love it!


Wedding favors are important for your wedding. It’s a way of saying “thank you” to your guests. That’s why you should be creative and unique when it comes to the wedding favors that you’ll give your guests. You can take some cues from the list of wedding favor ideas above for that purpose.

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