4 Simple But Dramatic Ways to Flaunt Your Style

4 Simple But Dramatic Ways to Flaunt Your Style

Strutting down the school hallways or making your way between classes on campus only allows you a limited time to show off your style – especially if you’ve got a class to get to and limited time to get there. Make use of the time you have to show off how stylish you can be – without sacrificing comfort or dressing way “out there.” There are four casual but bold ways to flaunt your one-of-a-kind style.

1. Jordans

You may know him as the underwear commercial guy, but there was a time a few decades ago when Michael Jordan was the king of basketball. Wearing Jordan shoes was like trying to grab a little bit of that basketball wonder for yourself. Even when Michael Jordan retired, his shoes never went out of style. Now, not only are they comfortable enough for the basketball court or football field, they’re stylish enough for the hallways. Whether you play sports or just want some funky footwear, these shoes are hot.

2. Down Sleeveless Jacket

Look at the people waiting for the bus or the guys walking between classes. A lot of young people – boys especially – forgo the jacket even when it’s cold out. But if you want something functional that’ll keep you warm without bulking you down, opt for a sleeveless jacket made of down. They’re extremely lightweight, and you can even crumple them up and stuff them into a backpack when you get inside. The sleeveless option lets you show off your long-sleeve shirt beneath and is more hip than the typical bulky jacket. Pair it with a hood and keep your ears toasty.

3. Fedora Hats

Boys and girls alike look retro and sleek with fedora hats. Even if you’re not allowed to wear them in class, wear them to school and in the hallway or on campus between classes. Opt for a simple color for an extra touch of class, a color like grey or black or brown. Conversely, choose a bright color or pattern that pops for a more modern take on the classic trend.

4. Faux Fur Trim

You go back to school right when it starts to get chilly, and it stays that way almost until the end of the school year. Typical winter jackets and hats are lame, but there’s a way to punch up the effect of your winter wear. Look for faux fur trim on jackets, specifically the hoods, and hats or even scarves this fall and winter season. The puffy, comfortable material gives off a fun, flirty Eskimo look, and makes you feel better about having to pile on the layers in colder months.

The best part about choosing to wear any of these simple but dramaticpieces of clothing is they’re comfortable, too. When you spend a lot of your day running from one class to another, that’s more important than you might think.This way, you can be comfortable without looking frumpy. Go for the new or a new take on a classic this year. Dress retro, dress bold and dress like you’re making history. If you’re wearing Jordans, you are a part of history.

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